How To Choose A Sports Bra

Why do I need a sports bra?

It’s very important for women to wear sports bras while exercising. They provided the needed support for your breasts, without which you’ll feel soreness immediately after exercising that may lead to a lasting damage.

What types of sports bras are there?

Generally, sports bras are divided into three types based on their level of support.

  • Low level. These bras are needed for more of calm activities, such as walking and yoga, with no sudden movements.
  • Medium level. This level presupposes more active exercises, like cycling or skiing and even dancing.

* Bras with low and medium level of support usually don’t have a cup.

  • High level. This level of support’s required for activities with lots of movements, such as running, aerobics, etc. Bras with high level support have a similar to regular bras cups for better support.

How can I find the right bra for me?

First, you need to decide what activities you need a bra for – that would narrow down the search. After that, you need to know your bra size. Note, it might be different from your regular size. Always check the specifications in the description; find the corresponding size by measuring your rib cage.

Knowing the type of bra you need and your size, pay attention to these factors:

  • A good bra is made of breathable and elastic material for different kinds of activities.
  • Make sure there aren’t any hard buckles for adjustment: they will hurt under pressure.
  • Gaps and wrinkles. A well-fitted bra shouldn’t have any wrinkles on the fabric (they’re the sign that the cup’s too big). There shouldn’t be any gaps either, your bra should lay closely to your skin.

With this info you can easily find the perfect sports bra!



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